Fall Workshops & Collectives Are Open!

When the kids go back to school, and the days get shorter, that means one thing: Fall Workshops and Collectives!

Starting today and until the end of August, the Fall 2015 Workshops and Collectives are now open and accepting applications.

If you are familiar with our programs, then scroll down to the bottom and click on the links to apply. If you want more information about our two great programs, continue reading!

The Writers’ Collective is a volunteer, web-based literary group that specializes in helping authors improve their writing. We are offering Writers’ Collectives and Writer Workshops this spring.

The Writers’ Collectives feature small groups of authors (no more than three or four in each collective) working together to help each other grow as writers and better each other’s work.  For the Writers’ Collectives, we are accepting a limited number of authors whose manuscripts are over fifty percent complete. If you can invest an hour a week in a meeting, and two or more hours reading the work of fellow collective members these collectives might be for you.

For completed manuscripts, a Writer Workshop may be for you. This is a more intensive experience where an author will be teamed up with screened and vetted participants and editors who will examine the manuscript chapter by chapter.  Due to the size of the workshops, these are very limited but only require an hour long weekly meeting and an hour or so of reading work during the week.

And the best part is, neither of these programs cost anything more than your time.

If the Writers’ Collectives or Writer Workshops sound like a good fit for you, please click on one (or more) of the following links:

Collective Author Application

Workshop Author Application

After registration, you will receive further details via email once the Workshops & Collectives are ready to start.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Last Call for FALL Collectives & Workshops!

If you missed the deadline for one of our new fiction Writers’ Collectives or Workshops, here’s a second chance!

We have room to offer one or two more Collectives this fall.

Our Writers’ Collectives are groups of three or four authors who work together to help each other grow as writers. If you’re working on a manuscript which is at least half complete, we can add you to one of these small groups of writers who work together, reading and critiquing each other’s manuscripts with a facilitated discussion in or during in front of Skype call. It’s the best way to get your manuscript ready for our more advanced program for writers, a Writer Workshop.

Our Workshops are designed to get your manuscript ready for publication, and participating in one of these is an intense and exhilarating experience with up to five people focused on helping you tighten, revise and polish YOUR story. Some of these participants may be writers, while others have expertise in story editing. They will pay special attention to your story arcs, characterization, and dialogue to help you finalize the strongest possible draft to query or self-publish.

Several authors who have completed our Collectives and Workshops are now published, both through traditional publishing houses and through self-publishing. We offer a wealth of experience and guidance at no cost to you but your time and effort.

If you’re interested, click on one of the following links:

[Collective Author Application]

[Workshop Author Application]