Choosing an Italian Lighting Designer Rocco Borghese

Lighting designer Rocco Borghese

The elegant chandeliers that you see at the entrance and the unique pieces in the traditional formal lounge all are the work of world famous lighting designer Rocco Borghese. He has been lighting interior spaces in Rome for over 25 years, and during that time, he has created some incredible works of art. Most people associate his chandeliers with the famous Colosseum. In fact, the first of his works in this area was designed in 30 years ago. Since then, he’s added to the collection in each major city and now these fixtures are seen not only in Rome but also in London, Paris, New York and, of course, Rome.

One of the great achievements of Rocco Borghese is a set of five-story glass office buildings in Leucate, Italy which can be seen in both the Via Monti and in Villaggio, near Perini, on the other side of the Po River. These extraordinary buildings were designed by him for a commercial complex that he managed for twelve years. It is one of the finest examples of contemporary architecture and style, and it houses one of the largest audio visual production facilities in Europe. It also houses one of the largest and most technologically advanced control systems in Italy. In Leucate, as well as in Villaggio and Perini, several films such as Raiders Of The Lost Ark were filmed.

It is perhaps fitting that in this context, one should consider the lighting effects that he used for the buildings in Rome and its environs. Not only did he design the elaborate chandeliers and floor lamps but he used sophisticated lighting effects that made the film-makers’ vision come alive on the screens. Such luminosity was required as the filmmakers would often use natural sources such as sunlight or candlelight to highlight certain scenes. A lighting specialist is required if you are looking to employ a similar strategy for your home’s interior – and one of the best candidates is none other than Rocco Borghese, who is responsible for the state-of-the-art entertainment system at the prestigious villa Venetian Resort.

One of the first things that one might want to check out when it comes to a lighting designer is the range of equipment that he has on hand. A competent lighting designer would be able to offer you a wide range of choices, from sconces and wall lights to pendant lamps and track lighting. A well-equipped studio will contain flat screen televisions, surround sound systems, DVD/VCR players, digital music systems and lighting accessories. You can also have a separate home cinema room installed. All these fixtures should be checked out by an expert who will advise you on the best options and make suggestions as to where they might fit in your home and how much of the interior they would occupy.

A lighting designer with experience would always know where to set up various lighting effects, such as dimmers, soffits, downlights and skylights. He or she would also know where to place ceiling fixtures – to give the room a great effect. The positioning and placement of your ceiling fixtures are very important because it will determine how much natural light you get and whether your home theatre is well lit or not. It is equally important for a lighting designer to work out the details such as where you will locate your electrical sockets. He or she must also work out details such as where you would want the shutters to be installed. Finally, before you contact a lighting designer, make sure you get some quotes for your project from different firms – don’t just go with the first one you come across.

Another important factor that you might want to consider is the cost of the lighting designer. There are many professional lighting designers in Italy but you need to bear in mind that the price of a lighting designer does not necessarily have to correlate with his or her experience or skill. You might be lucky to find an affordable Lighting Designer who has lots of experience in this field. You should do lots of research and compare costs before you choose the best Lighting Designer for your home design.