Discover the Wonderful World of Krabi Dive Sites

The world famous Krabi diving sites are numerous but if you are not a scuba diver, there are several dive sites available for those that would enjoy some more fun diving in the tropical waters of Thailand. The best dive site in Krabi can be found by looking for the underwater caves known as “Wat Yai.” These caves are a little different than the typical dive site in that they are not just for swimming and are instead used for underwater exploration. The “Wat Yai” caves are ideal for snorkeling and diving, as they contain a variety of different aquatic life.

The Krabi Islands is home to the most beautiful coral reef in the world, and the coral reefs that are found here are protected under the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site designation. The coral reefs in the area around the “Wat Yai” caves also provide a unique and important part of the marine life in the area, providing a great environment for schools of fish and other types of marine life. In addition to the coral reef that is available to tourists on a tour of these caves, the water surrounding the cave areas has many different types of coral that are home to different types of marine life, such as sharks and rays.

The caves in the area around the “Wat Yai” cave are the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing afternoon or even a nice day of diving during a Krabi dive tour. In fact, most of the dive tour operators will include a visit to one or more of the “Wat Yai” caves on their tours, as many of the tours that the company offers are specifically designed with these types of caves in mind.

One of the places that is commonly included on a Krabi dive tour of the caves is “Chaweng.” Chaweng is a small village located near the entrance to the cave areas. This village is used as a stopping point for many tourists as they travel through the cave, and the cave tours include a trip through the village.

Another location that is often included in Krabi dive tours of the caves is the “Phra Tho Nakhon.” Phra Tho Nakhon is another small village located near the entrance of the caves. Most of the tour operators who offer this type of tour will include a stop by the Phra Tho Nakhon cave while the group is in the area. These are two of the most popular locations in the caves where tourists can see a variety of different types of coral and marine life in the water.

For a complete list of all of the dive sites available in the area, there are several websites online, both dedicated to diving and also diving tours of Krabi. The websites have a lot of information about the diving tours and include a lot of pictures and detailed descriptions of the caves and the different features that are found within them.