How To Mention My Post On Instagram

mention my post on Instagram

Every now and then I get an email asking me to mention my blog on Instagram. Why would someone ask me to do that? People ask me to do that all the time. They have a post that they want to promote, and they want to make it the most visible post online. They go to all the various networks to try to get attention for that post and then mention my blog. The problem with this is that they are missing out on some of the key ways to increase their exposure on Instagram.

What people are doing is not posting links to their posts. What they are doing is making sure that their photos are properly tagged and that they get the right attention in the social networks. If you are asking me to mention my post on Instagram, I am glad to do so, but not just because the post was featured on StumbleUpon or Digg. What I am suggesting is that you tag along on people who are posting photos on your page.

When I see a great photo or video of someone doing something incredible, I want to share that with the world by commenting on the post. I also want other people to notice the link to my blog and to comment and tag along for me. When I am able to accomplish all of these tasks, people will notice that I am active on the social networks and this will increase the chance that they will want to see what else I have to say.

Another great way to mention my blog on Instagram is to make sure that I am active on my blog in the first place. For example, I do a lot of press releases for different things and I love to put them up on my blog. What I am hoping is that if people read the press release, they will go to my blog and spend a few minutes viewing the post and then they will see that I am active on my blog. In fact, I encourage this because it will get people to actually check out my blog! This way, they can get some great content, which I will be able to interact with my readers on a daily basis.

The easiest way to mention my post on Instagram is to actually take a picture of the post and then add the link to my blog at the bottom of the picture. I encourage you to take pictures everywhere that you go and give people a chance to see what kind of content you are posting on your page. I have actually had a customer request that I take a picture of an interesting location and then take a photo and include the location in the caption of the post. I have not received a request like this before but since this method of social media interaction is one that I have not explored yet, I am going to try this technique out!

As you can see, there are a variety of ways to mention my post on Instagram. The key is just to take action. When you create content, be active on the social media networks. This will bring you more traffic and more customers, so be sure to take advantage of all of the opportunities that I have outlined here!