WitFit Sign Up and Instructions

All you need to do to receive the daily WitFit is fill out our Registration Form. Once you have filled it out, you will begin receiving the prompts. We encourage you to post your daily writing on the web. You can post to Facebook, your own blog, a writing group, or here on our website. Just follow the instructions below, and if you choose to post here, click on “Sharing Your WitFit”, and follow the directions.  Happy Writing!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register to receive the daily prompt emails, or simply visit the prompts page for the month—a new page is posted every day.
  2. WitFit prompts will also be posted daily on The Writers’ Collective website.
  3. Once registered, we will send you writing prompts every Monday through Saturday. Choose one prompt, or both if they inspire you! Sunday is “reflection day” for all WitFit writers, and no prompts will be sent. We encourage writers to use this time to think about their next prompt, or to explore what they’ve created up to that point.
  4. Brainstorm about what you might write. Challenge your imagination to create an entry for every day you receive new prompts!
  5. If you’d like, email your daily entries to writerscollective.witfit@gmail.com, using the format shown in “Sharing Your WitFit: How to submit your entries.” Paste the entire block of marked-up text into the body of your email, changing only the portions shown in all caps.
  6. The Writers’ Collective will post all entries to our website, in the comments section of the individual prompt page for the date.
  7. Share the WitFit program with other writers, and help them to reach their writing goals right along with us!