Writers’ Collectives

The Writers’ Collective is a supportive community of writers, editors, and readers. Our goal is to assist authors through various online projects and programs.

Writing can be a lonely and frustrating process. Having a ready pool of other writers, editors, and readers available for immediate discussion and feedback when needed can be extraordinarily helpful. For that reason, we developed The Writers’ Collective program.

The Writers’ Collective program is a small writing group that meets once a week for twelve weeks with a moderator and reader. It’s purpose is to hone the writer’s skills and manuscript in a non-threatening, intimate environment. It is modeled after coffee shop writing groups–but in our writing group, you can stay in your pajamas.

The Writer’s Collective is a free program, but we do ask each author to donate an hour of their week for 11 weeks to help critique a manuscript in one of our Workshops. This requirement not only helps other authors in our organization, but it is  an excellent experience for our Collective authors as they can see how an in-depth critique is done and what is needed to prepare a novel for possible submission.

Each of our programs is based on volunteers who offer their time simply because they love to read and write. As a volunteer-run organization, The Writers’ Collective would love to welcome you to our programs. If you have an interest in a Collective  please fill our our Collective Interest Form. Please be aware that we do not run Collectives all year long, so you may need to wait for one to begin.

Specific information about the available roles:


Writers are the central focus of the Collective. They act as both participants and editors/critique partners in their small group. The author’s responsibility is two fold, first to provide their work to the others on a timely basis (again, total word count varies between groups) each week. The author also must offer helpful edits, comments, and critique to the others in their writing group. This is done during a Skype call and is facilitated at all times by an experienced moderator to make sure every one receives beneficial comments. To apply as a writer, please fill out our Collective Writer Application.


The moderator manages and directs the Collective group. This role is critical to the success of the group, as the moderator acts as guide, coach, and sometimes referee. The moderator is also responsible to setting up the technical aspects of the Collective. The moderator also provides resources to the writers on an individual basis to help them grow in their writing ability. To apply as a moderator, please fill out our Participant Application.

Critique Participants

Participants are readers, observers, and constructive critics, offering detailed feedback in formats appropriate for the Collective setting, as well as support and encouragement. Participants are added to any group needing additional feedback for any reason and can provide authors with an objective and critical eye when needed.

To apply as a critique participant (or reader), please fill out our Participant Application.