The Writers’ Collective

  • The Writers’ Collective

    The Writers’ Collective began in 2008 as Fictionista Workshop. It was founded to create a supportive community of writers, editors, and readers, hoping to assist the online writing community through various projects and programs. Writing can be a lonely and frustrating process, and people who enjoy  writing and reading are often eager for opportunities in which they can interact with others. Having a ready pool of other writers, editors, and readers available for immediate discussion and feedback when needed can be extraordinarily helpful. For that reason, we developed three different programs: WitFit daily writing prompts, the Writer Collective, and the Workshop.

    The Workshop is our most intense program and offers an in-depth, twelve-week critique of a finished manuscript. Writers’ Collective tries to run at least two Workshops a year. If you are a writer or a reader who might benefit from an intense, collaborative effort focused on a single manuscript, please click on the link on our home page.

    WitFit is our wildly popular daily writing prompt that anyone can sign up to receive. “Write every day” is one of the best pieces of advice given to writers. No other practice challenges the mind, provokes the imagination, and does so much to encourage a writer to continue practicing their craft. To find out more or sign up, please click on the link on our home page.

    The Writers’ Collective is a small writing group that meets once a week for twelve weeks with a moderator and reader to hone the writer’s skills in a non-threatening, intimate environment. To find out more or sign up, please click on the link on our home page.

    Each program is based on volunteers who offer their time simply because they love to read and write. That is why we call ourselves the Writers’ Collective. As a volunteer-run organization, Writers’ Collective would love to welcome you to our programs.

  • Choosing an Italian Lighting Designer Rocco Borghese

    Lighting designer Rocco Borghese

    The elegant chandeliers that you see at the entrance and the unique pieces in the traditional formal lounge all are the work of world famous lighting designer Rocco Borghese. He has been lighting interior spaces in Rome for over 25 years, and during that time, he has created some incredible works of art. Most people associate his chandeliers with the famous Colosseum. In fact, the first of his works in this area was designed in 30 years ago. Since then, he’s added to the collection in each major city and now these fixtures are seen not only in Rome but also in London, Paris, New York and, of course, Rome.

    One of the great achievements of Rocco Borghese is a set of five-story glass office buildings in Leucate, Italy which can be seen in both the Via Monti and in Villaggio, near Perini, on the other side of the Po River. These extraordinary buildings were designed by him for a commercial complex that he managed for twelve years. It is one of the finest examples of contemporary architecture and style, and it houses one of the largest audio visual production facilities in Europe. It also houses one of the largest and most technologically advanced control systems in Italy. In Leucate, as well as in Villaggio and Perini, several films such as Raiders Of The Lost Ark were filmed.

    It is perhaps fitting that in this context, one should consider the lighting effects that he used for the buildings in Rome and its environs. Not only did he design the elaborate chandeliers and floor lamps but he used sophisticated lighting effects that made the film-makers’ vision come alive on the screens. Such luminosity was required as the filmmakers would often use natural sources such as sunlight or candlelight to highlight certain scenes. A lighting specialist is required if you are looking to employ a similar strategy for your home’s interior – and one of the best candidates is none other than Rocco Borghese, who is responsible for the state-of-the-art entertainment system at the prestigious villa Venetian Resort.

    One of the first things that one might want to check out when it comes to a lighting designer is the range of equipment that he has on hand. A competent lighting designer would be able to offer you a wide range of choices, from sconces and wall lights to pendant lamps and track lighting. A well-equipped studio will contain flat screen televisions, surround sound systems, DVD/VCR players, digital music systems and lighting accessories. You can also have a separate home cinema room installed. All these fixtures should be checked out by an expert who will advise you on the best options and make suggestions as to where they might fit in your home and how much of the interior they would occupy.

    A lighting designer with experience would always know where to set up various lighting effects, such as dimmers, soffits, downlights and skylights. He or she would also know where to place ceiling fixtures – to give the room a great effect. The positioning and placement of your ceiling fixtures are very important because it will determine how much natural light you get and whether your home theatre is well lit or not. It is equally important for a lighting designer to work out the details such as where you will locate your electrical sockets. He or she must also work out details such as where you would want the shutters to be installed. Finally, before you contact a lighting designer, make sure you get some quotes for your project from different firms – don’t just go with the first one you come across.

    Another important factor that you might want to consider is the cost of the lighting designer. There are many professional lighting designers in Italy but you need to bear in mind that the price of a lighting designer does not necessarily have to correlate with his or her experience or skill. You might be lucky to find an affordable Lighting Designer who has lots of experience in this field. You should do lots of research and compare costs before you choose the best Lighting Designer for your home design.

  • Why Your Business Needs Managed Services

    Why your business needs Managed Services – IT services management refers to the organizational activities performed by an organization in order to design, develop, build, maintain, operate and optimize information technology solutions provided to clients. In this industry, there are different types of IT services and technologies available. A typical IT services management process starts with a basic strategy that helps to determine the way to best serve IT clients. The aim of an IT service management strategy is to make the technology usable and easy to use by users in all types of situations.

    IT Services

    There are different IT service management approaches that include BPM, CDI, CMS, PASMA and PCIM. All these approaches have their own strengths and limitations, and each one is used for a particular business process. The main objectives of IT and software development are to provide a competitive edge in a given market segment by providing new or enhanced services and products at low prices. Therefore, all IT and software development activities are managed by one IT and software development service management framework.

    IT and software development are usually performed through teams, with the IT team managing the strategy while the other teams specialize in specific tasks. IT management platforms allow IT departments to create customized solutions based on IT and software architecture. They may involve workstations such as desktop, laptops and tablets, remote PCs, desktops, and web console to connect to the systems and applications running inside the servers.

    All IT and software development teams should have IT and software development tools and frameworks in place to efficiently perform their tasks. These tools and frameworks should help teams to rapidly implement and utilize IT and software development services, while building efficiency into the business processes. Various management approaches can be used to improve IT service management and quality management, depending on the requirements of individual organizations. These strategies include use of ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) by all IT departments, use of CMMI (Computerized Management Information Model) for system integration, and use of customer directed management solutions (CDMS). Many large IT companies employ several management approaches to improve quality and standards.

    Various frameworks are available for use in IT and application service management. Most of these frameworks are designed to improve quality by defining the steps to take to ensure better service quality. It helps to identify and correct problems as soon as they occur instead of waiting for problems to build up and causing delays. ITIL and CMMI are two of the many IT service management frameworks that help to improve quality of service.

    ITIL and CMMI can be implemented by individuals who already have IT experience or can be implemented by hiring IT teams that consist of IT professionals with the right knowledge and skills. ITIL and CMMI are two of the frameworks for improving IT and application service management through better collaboration between IT teams. The ITIL team comprises the entire IT team, including project managers, analysts, programmers, and support staff. CMMI is a framework for improving IT service management.

  • Typical Garage Door Repair Costs

    Garage Door Repair

    Do you regularly need to repair your garage door? Are there things that you do when you have problems with them? The garage door is a very important part of your house, and you should make sure that it works as good as possible. You never know when something may be wrong with your garage door opener, so look out for these most common issues, and decide whether it’s something you can fix on your own or a professional. Estimate how long it will take you to perform some of these repairs and add that to the estimate for how long it will take you to complete one repair job.

    The most common problem in garage door repair is a stuck motor. The main cause behind this is faulty batteries in your system, but there are other reasons as well. Sometimes a heavy object may weigh down the door, causing it to stick or fall down. You can get replacement parts for this kind of garage door repair, and it may not be necessary to completely replace the motor. Look for the brand and model number for the motor replacement, and get the replacement part that fits the motor properly.

    The next problem that tends to cause people to call a professional for garage door repairs is broken springs. These are especially common in overhead doors, since they are often used when the garage is at an incline. Over time, the tension in the springs may loosen and break, causing the door to go up and down. The most common replacement cost for this type of repair is around two hundred dollars. A professional may also be able to install new springs into the mechanism for you, saving you even more money.

    If the problem is a broken motor or one that needs a new motor replaced, then both the garage door repair and the new motor will usually be the same price. Most people, however, consider having the work done separately. This is not a bad idea and it does ensure that you get the job done exactly the way you want it done. You can always have them do a little bit of work together and then have them buy the parts needed to make the whole thing work again.

    Probably one of the most common garage door repairs is a damaged control panel. This is often caused by people trying to open the door themselves when it’s not really working properly. This can be very dangerous, so this is not something that you want to try to repair yourself. Usually you’ll need to call a professional to do the job. Since the panels are so small, it’s important that the person doing the job has the right tools for the job.

    Finally, one of the less common garage door repairs involves the sensors that open and close your garage doors. Some of these sensors will wear out with age, which means they’ll not send out an opener signal as often as they should. This can cause your doors to not be open as much as they should be, which will actually cost you more in fuel because your doors aren’t working as hard. Luckily, the average cost for repairing sensors isn’t too high, so it’s something that’s definitely worth looking into if you’re worried about this one.

  • Single Origin Coffee Beans Hong Kong

    Single Origin Coffee Beans Hong Kong are the freshest and most aromatic coffee beans available in the world. There is a large variety of Single Origin coffees from many different regions, including Africa, South America, Arabia and Latin America. However, the most valuable Single Origin beans are from Hong Kong. While there is little variation between the beans from different regions, there are certain similarities that make the Hong Kong Single Origin coffees superior.

    Single Origin Coffee Beans Hong Kong

    The roast is one of the most important characteristics of a Single Origin Coffee. The roast has a direct effect on the flavor and aroma of the coffee. While darker roasts have deeper flavors, lighter roasts offer a more grassy or nutty flavor. Many people prefer a dark-roasted Single Origin Coffee, while others enjoy a light-roasted variety. As with many aspects of fine coffee, the preference is largely a personal thing.

    When choosing which roast to drink, it’s best to try several roasts. If you’re not a fan of darker roasts, consider a lighter roast. Alternatively, if you like strong coffee flavors, try a medium roast if your preference is a strong, intense flavor.

    In addition to the roast, another factor to consider is the processing used to extract the coffee beans. Different processing techniques result in different flavor notes for the beans. Some processing brings out more aroma and flavor, while others can leave the beans dull and flavorless.

    Cold roasting is a technique that some experts use to bring out more of the natural taste of Single Origin coffees. While doing so, the beans will become light and more fragile. While this does result in a lower quality roast, some specialty coffee shops still use this method. Green coffee beans are also roasted using a cold process. However, these beans tend to be tougher because they retain more of their original flavor than red or brown roasts.

    Roasting is also important because of how caffeine reacts with the bean. When the bean is first exposed to heat, the caffeine immediately reacts with the bean and produces a larger amount of oil within the bean. This oil is what gives Single Origin coffees their signature flavor. Once the bean has been heated, the caffeine tends to evaporate, leaving behind the oils the beans contain. Cold roasting also leaves behind less of the caffeine, which means more of the flavor is left intact.

    For the best flavor in Single Origin coffees, light roasting is best. Light roasting allows the beans to retain much of their original flavor, and the beans can even retain their shape and form. However, it is important to note that light roasting can also leave behind excess caffeine, so it is advised to only do this method if you are not going over five percent. If you do use light roasting, try to go with a French roast, which has a lighter flavor and more subtle flavors.

    Dark roasting is a good way to really get those last bits of flavor out of Single Origin coffees. This is because darker roasts allow the beans to absorb more flavor from the leaf, and they also allow for more of the original oils to remain in the beans. Doing this method with the Single Origin coffees is an effective way to make sure all of the beans have been consumed. This process is called decaffeination, and is something that should be done after the roasting process has been completed for about eighteen to twenty-four hours. This will help the beans retain as much of their flavor as possible.

  • Website Design Company

    website design

    Website design encompasses a variety of disciplines and skills in the creation and management of online sites. The various disciplines of website design include user interface (UI) design; web graphic design; creative web authoring, which includes aesthetic design and typography; information architecture; and search engine marketing. All these fields combine to provide a unique website format that is capable of meeting the requirements of the client. Designers are required to have a thorough understanding of a variety of media, text styles, display technologies, file formats and their uses, and the best tools and methods for creating websites in a cost-effective manner.

    Web communication designers also play an important role in website design. These professionals help to improve the usability of a website by enhancing its content and reducing costs involved. Their role is important since they assist in creating the overall look and feel of the website, as well as making it easy for visitors to understand. They help in improving the website’s efficiency by reducing load time and page loads, and by providing a pleasant user experience. In addition, communication designers help to ensure that the website is easily navigable, and that users can access all the information that they want.

    A website design company has to be very particular about the details of each project. The clients’ website design portfolio often contains the first impressions about the company. First impressions cannot be compared with later ones. It is therefore very important for the client to choose a company that provides creative designs with high quality content.

    Web site visitors expect certain things on websites, and they should be provided by the website designer. This is exactly what magazine website design is all about. A good example of magazine-type websites is eHow. eHow website design is based on professional magazine style. The fonts are chosen carefully, the site navigation is optimized, and graphics are placed in such a way that the information is easy to understand and follow.

    Another important factor to consider when hiring a web design company is to look out for well-designed websites that have high search engine rankings. Search engine optimization or SEO is essential to create well-designed websites that create consistency among the target audience. When web designers create websites according to a client’s specifications, they create a website design that is search-engine friendly. This means that when web visitors use keywords to search for services or products, these keywords are properly embedded in the website design to ensure better visibility online.

    A well-designed website often contains various interactive features, and it is through these features that the viewer can get in touch with the company. The interactive features ensure that the audience gets a chance to interact with the company through the various means available. Interaction is one of the keys for ensuring customer loyalty and brand recall. With interactive pages, the customer does not have to click on any link or open any attachment in order to be able to contact the company. With a responsive design, the page length is kept to a minimum, and this helps viewers to scroll through the website to see all the important content, without getting bored and jolted out of their seat.

  • How To Get The Most From SEO Brisbane

    Finding and using professional SEO Brisbane companies is one of the keys to a successful Internet marketing campaign. The Internet is a massive source of potential customers, but only a few of those customers will be interested in what you have to offer. In order to draw the interest of potential customers and increase the revenue of your online business, you need a strategy that will bring you traffic to your site and a high ranking on search engine results. This requires a combination of clever search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, on-page and off-page SEO work and a solid understanding of the way a potential customer perceives search engine results. These are skills that can be difficult and time consuming to learn on your own.

    SEO Brisbane

    A professional SEO service provider can increase the prominence of your web pages with proven on-page and off-page keyword research. Keyword research is the process of selecting appropriate keywords or key phrases that best describe the products and/or services you are trying to market to your potential customers. In order to make the most of your on-page search engine optimisation (SEO Brisbane), hire a qualified SEO company that has a proven track record of delivering results for their clients. A good SEO service provider will be able to identify high ranking keywords for your products and/or services and will do the necessary keyword research to ensure that the key phrases or key words are properly utilized within your web content. This ensures that when potential customers are searching for the exact item that you are offering, they will appear on the first or second page of search results, instead of buried or Page Number 5 in the sponsored link section.

    Many SEO Brisbane companies offer keyword targeting as part of their website design and development services. Website design and development professionals can take an existing web page, write relevant content for it and integrate it with the targeted keywords or key phrases that the client has identified. Once the site has been created and optimised for search engines, the SEO Brisbane service provider will then work with your current web designer to further incorporate the selected search terms or key phrases within your web content. When potential customers begin to use these search terms or key phrases, your web pages will rank higher on the search engines.

    Another key factor in the successful SEO optimisation of your website or blog is the use of back linking. This refers to creating links to your web pages from other sites and websites. Back links are one of the most effective ways to rank higher with search engines and get more visitors to your site. SEO Brisbane service providers will have a range of methods available to them for creating back links including writing articles and blogs linking to your pages, submitting press releases to media outlets and networking through social networks.

    The SEO services offered by a reputable SEO Brisbane agency should consist of site analysis, link analysis, competitor analysis and the integration of these techniques into a coherent and attractive website or blog design. These SEO strategies should be regularly monitored and updates conducted to them on a regular basis to ensure that they are still effective. It is important for your SEO strategy to be integrated into your overall marketing plan before you commit to a campaign. This will give you greater confidence as your online presence grows and your business starts to see results.

    Search Engine Optimisation is a growing area of expertise and it has become even more critical to hire professionals with proven expertise in this field to benefit your online presence. There are many small business owners who struggle to understand the entire process and often end up making mistakes. Hiring an SEO Brisbane company can make your life much easier and in turn will increase your profits. It is not difficult to find quality SEO Brisbane companies to assist you with your search engine optimisation needs. With their knowledge, creativity and experience, they can provide you with an effective online marketing campaign to build your business.

  • Why SEO New York Services Are Crucial

    SEO New York

    In order for a website to achieve online success and get ranked high in the search engines, a site needs to have an SEO New York account. This is because this is a popular state in which to do business. The reason why SEO New York is a popular location to rank websites is because there are many professional companies located in this part of the country. These companies specialize in SEO marketing services and have teams ready to help your company achieve the top rankings it needs.

    A New York SEO company will ensure that your website is optimized for the search engines so that it reaches the top of the lists on Google and other major search engine marketing venues. It should also be submitted to all of these directories, so that it receives more traffic. These professionals can also give you advice on how you can improve the user experience of your website. This means you should be given tips on making changes that will make your website more user-friendly and attractive to customers. This way your customer base will grow and your sales will increase.

    If you are in New York and are looking for the best SEO New York company, then you need to understand the importance of SEO. For this you need to first understand what SEO really is. Search Engine Optimization is a web based marketing practice that uses certain methods to achieve higher rankings in search engine results. It requires consistent effort on the part of the website owner or web developer. SEO New York companies can give you advice on which methods are best suited for your particular business and your customers.

    There are many aspects that SEO New York companies take into account when designing a campaign for your website. One of the techniques is social media optimization. SEO New York experts use social media to promote your website and your business. They also use SEO internet marketing tools and content to enhance your brand image and user experience. When you combine SEO New York advertising techniques with social media optimization, you increase your online visibility, which is vital in generating more sales and revenue.

    SEO New York experts believe in full digital marketing strategy. They fully utilize all the digital channels available such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, SEO blogs, social media, and other digital channels to enhance your online presence. These digital channels provide SEO New York companies an opportunity to reach out to global audiences. SEO New York companies have the expertise and the technology to help you generate new customers and improve your customer conversion rate.

    Search engine optimization is the first step towards a successful online marketing campaign. You need to maintain your rankings in order to attract more traffic to your site and ultimately increase your revenues. Using affordable SEO New York services can help you get back on track and regain lost rankings. The best part about using affordable digital marketing services from an SEO New York company is that you will save time and money without compromising on quality.

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    (800) 603-9214

  • How To Choose The Best Smart Watches For Men

    best smart watches

    What are the best smart watches mejores relojes inteligentes for men? It is a subjective answer, and that subjectivity is reflected in the various reviews online. This article presents some criteria used to evaluate the best smart watches for men.

    Fitness Features The best smart watches for men need to have great fitness features. Most of them have basic GPS and heart rate monitor functions, although the technology has advanced considerably over the years. Newer watches offer detailed workouts and have comprehensive apps. Some apps will measure your pulse rate, display your calories burned and have a workout log. Other apps have more extensive workouts and will allow you to set goals and plan your exercise routine. In-depth apps make it easy to plan an effective workout routine.

    Sleep Monitoring A sleep tracking watch is another important consideration when looking for the best smart watches for men. These devices are designed to detect when you go to bed and when you wake up. They then store the data so you don’t need to constantly check the time every morning. You can set a minimum and maximum time you want to track your sleeping hours. Many of these devices come with an automatic shut off after a certain number of hours so you don’t waste energy checking the time.

    Accessories Many of the best smartwatches for men come with in-depth accessories and applications. You may get a heart rate monitor strap or a foot pad to use when exercising. Other accessories include workout timers, alarm clocks, stop watch and so forth.

    Connectivity The best smartwatches for men have built-in Bluetooth so you can use your mobile phone, laptop or PDA without needing to wear it. The Bluetooth connection is very handy if you are traveling or you don’t want to carry extra wires. You can also be able to monitor your sleep tracking via your mobile phone without the need to have a computer or watch. Many of these watches come with a handy contactless sensor that allows you to know your time even without having to touch the device.

    Watch Design With so many different styles and brands available, it can be difficult to choose which to watch is the best. If you want to make your choice easier, look for smart watches with heart rate monitoring features. These devices will keep track of your heart rate during your workout and will send the information to your customized fitness app where you can view your results and track your progress. If you are serious about your fitness goals, these devices will help you reach your goals.

  • Opening a Wellness Center Ty Tysdal

    Ty Tysdal

    Ty Tysdal grew up on a dairy farm in southern New Hampshire and started his entrepreneurial career as a young farmer. Now Ty is a well known author, motivational speaker and business owner. When he began his business ventures, some of the first businesses he got into were selling livestock. Later, he ventured into the private equity business. While getting himself established in the private equity industry, Ty Tysdal decided to open a wellness center on the banks of Lake Woebegone.

    The wellness center Ty Tysdal opened on Lake Woebegone is one of the seven physical locations that are part of the nationwide network of licensed retailer Home Depot. The wellness center Ty Tysdal chose to open had two separate buildings. One building is a Class A establishment while the other building is a Class B establishment. The wellness center Ty Tysdal owned is considering a retail store, while the other retail store is considered a membership warehouse.

    The Ty Tysdals wellness center is located at the Woebegone Estancion on Greenwood Plaza. The entire premise is designed to encourage entrepreneurs to have an extensive line of services that they can offer both to customers and fellow entrepreneurs. It is also a place where aspiring health club and spa owners can learn about the different kinds of establishments they can open for business. The wellness center has three different eating houses. It offers four different workout rooms, a beauty shop, a bar and a health club.

    The owner of the fitness club is Ty Tysdal. The fitness club is one of the newest and most popular establishments in Greenwood Plaza. The fitness club is open to all members of Greenwood Plaza. Each month, it holds a variety of classes for both men and women and it is also open to children.

    The gym at the Woebegone Estancion was opened in November of 2021. It is named after Ty Tysdal who owns the fitness club. Mr. Tysdal decided to open the health club after years of working in corporate America. He realized that people in Greenwood Plaza need a place to go for aerobic exercises and weight loss classes. His wife, Trina, and their son, Jafari, also became investors in the fitness club. They named it after Ty and started to put some money into it.

    The wellness center at Greenwood Plaza is open seven days a week. Mr. Tysdal is very strict about providing only the best quality service to his clients and he also makes sure that he meets all of his financial obligations. Recently, Ty Tysdal was asked to open for the Holiday Inn by the Village at West Penn Street. The manager of the Holiday Inn contacted Ty Tysdal to inform him that he had a client that wanted to do Yoga at the Holiday Inn, and he would be happy to accommodate him. According to Ty Tysdal “I am so thrilled that the Woebegone Estancion has opened its wellness center in Greenwood Plaza. It has been such a wonderful experience opening a health club in an area where there has never been a health club before.

  • More Hot Leads Digital Marketing Winnipeg

    More Hot Leads Digital Marketing Winnipeg can be found in the form of new customer purchases. This is because you are offering a service that people are looking for and they are ready to pay for it. It is a win-win situation for everyone. But you need to make sure you are targeting the right people for your digital marketing services in Winnipeg. In order to do this you need to do some research, talk to other business owners and find out what makes an ideal client for your business.

    More Hot Leads Digital Marketing Winnipeg

    Another way of finding new customers is by focusing on one niche and concentrating on that. This means if you own a digital marketing agency in Winnipeg you should concentrate on the following industries: professional services such as accounting and insurance or sales and service, and have a great deal of experience with these types of businesses. This will ensure you are targeting your advertising campaigns on a specific list of potential customers. You will also have a better understanding of the types of customers and how they use their banking or other services to make financial decisions.

    This kind of targeted marketing will bring you more hot leads and customers for your business. It will bring you more referrals to your business and more repeat business from existing customers. This will increase your chances of building your business. The more you understand your market and your competition the easier it will be to make changes to your digital marketing plan to help your business grow.

    You will also find that the larger your database gets the more likely you will be to have new customers. This is because when you have more customers there are more chances of having new sales and new clients. This will improve the quality and quantity of your work and will help you develop a strong cash flow. So having a large database is definitely worth the effort because it increases your ability to get new clients and to sell more products and services.

    Another thing to consider is that you will have more referrals to your company when you are using this type of marketing to attract new customers. Referrals mean you will have more people checking out your product or service. Having a large database of customers is always a positive thing. This means that you will have a higher chance of gaining referrals and that means more new customers for you. You will also have a higher chance of retaining those customers that will make you more money in the long run. This is because you will have a larger database to draw from and your chances of converting those customers into clients will also be improved.

    More hot leads will help you expand your business. You will be able to take advantage of new markets that you might not have even been interested in before. Digital marketing is a powerful way to market your business and to get more customers. It allows you to focus on the marketing part of your business while other parts can be left for handling the customer service. This will enable you to have a larger customer base than before. In the end it will save you money and time because you won’t be spending valuable time trying to deal with unhappy customers.