San Diego Stucco Repair – Highly Recommend

We moved into our beautiful home in Encinitas and after a long search for a decent San Diego plumber, we decided to give a try to our local plumber, Andrew. We had been looking all over the place for someone who could do the job right – with top-notch quality and a reasonable price. We were very pleased with the work our plumber did on our faucet, showerhead, bathtub, toilets, kitchen, caulk, tile, hardwood floor, exterior trim, driveway and many other areas.

Called Prompt, honest, smart and straight, Brenda got an early-morning quote from a texting text message sent to her in an email shortly after our home visit on Tuesday, just hours before we were to return from vacation. Quick, accurate, humorous and fair, he offered an accurate estimate in a texting text message, right on time and got busy in two hours. Within an hour of his completion, everything else was clean and his estimate was back! He was that kind of contractor. We are so glad we called him for our stucco repair San Diego projects.

The rest is history…a clear testimony as to how a highly recommend this contractor. Two more jobs were completed on schedule and the prices were fair and competitive. We are so happy that we decided to let this highly recommended and professional stucco repair San Diego contractor guide us through the home renovation process. In our next and third renovation, we will definitely call on this contractor again to help us with our bathroom renovation.

It’s hard to find the bad guys in this profession…not so in San Diego, where we have found two contractors who turned our dream house into a functional and attractive place to live. This company “T&R Roofing and Stucco” have been in the business for over thirty years, so they are one of those companies you can feel comfortable dealing with. Their previous clients are impressed by the quickness of their work, which surprises many people. There is a high level of quality in this type of stucco repair San Diego company, which is also reflected in their pricing. Their skilled workers go the extra mile to ensure quality work is done, every time.

There are some important things you should know when hiring a stucco repair San Diego company. First, you need to make sure the workers have had extensive experience in performing the type of stucco repairs you are having done. Second, you need to feel confident that they are using the correct products to completely repair your home. Third, it’s highly recommended you select a company who offers a guarantee on their work.

Our home had some minor dents and holes. We fixed the discolored wood with some black paint and sanded up the original plaster to get rid of the stucco. The result looks about as good as it did the day we got it! If you’re looking to fix plaster wall repairs in San Diego, we highly recommend using a stucco repair San Diego company. They will go over your home with the utmost care to ensure everything looks exactly the way it should. When the job is done, you’ll be able to breathe a little easier knowing your home is in great shape once again.